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Road Crossings with the Largest Number of Wrecks

Located in Fort Bend County, Sugar Land makes up part of Greater Houston. As part of one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country, the city sees its fair share of traffic. Unfortunately, with more vehicles in the area, comes an increased risk of traffic accidents, particularly at some intersections.

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What Are the Worst Sugar Land Intersections?

According to Signature Care Emergency Center, there are several dangerous intersections located in Sugar Land. These crossings are considered hazardous because of a number of factors including their traffic volume and total wrecks over the past two years.

Worst intersections in Sugar Land include:

  • Highway 6: Three intersections were identified as having a high degree of risk for motorists including where SH-6 crosses Northbound US 59, Lexington Boulevard, and Town Center Boulevard. The 1900 block of SH-6 was also listed as one of the most dangerous.
  • Eldridge Road: Two Eldridge Road crossings: West Airport Boulevard and Florence Drive were found to be hazardous to drivers. 
  • Dulles Avenue: The intersections of Dulles Ave and Lexington Blvd, Dulles Ave and Ave E, and Dulles Ave and Broadmoor Dr were each identified as dangerous.
  • Sweetwater Boulevard: Crossings between Sweetwater Boulevard and Greystone Way, Lexington Boulevard, and Town Center Boulevard were each listed as risky for drivers. 
  • Williams Trace Boulevard: The intersections of Williams Trace Boulevard and South Parkway as well as Williams Trace Boulevard and Lexington Boulevard were both listed as dangerous.

A large percentage of the car accidents that happen each year in Sugar Land occur at intersections. It is important for motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists to all take precautions when near these crossings.

What Makes These Intersections Dangerous?

As reported by Signature Care, the Sugar Land Police Department working in partnership with the Metropolitan Traffic Safety Program used specific data to determine which intersections were the most dangerous in the city.

Key identifiers that helped determine which intersections were the riskiest:

  • Traffic volume
  • Number of wrecks
  • Crash type
  • Crash severity
  • Surrounding land use

The criteria helped law enforcement to pinpoint the most crash-prone intersections. Many occurred along the same streets, given that they are often the most congested or contain specific problem areas.

Injured in a Sugar Land Car Accident?

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