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When a company fails to follow proper safety procedures to avoid contamination, they must be held accountable. As a landowner, you should not have to worry about hazardous chemicals, soil pollution, or water contamination. Unfortunately, too many corporations take the environment foregranted resulting in irreparable harm to people’s property. If your land is ruined because of a company’s negligence or wrongdoing, you deserve compensation.

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Types of Property Contamination in Texas

Texas is one of the largest oil producers in the nation. While the oil industry brings a lot of revenue into the state, and it can also bring a lot of problems. A detailed environmental justice case study conducted by the University of Michigan found that “Refinery Row” in Corpus Christi caused air and ground pollution throughout the area.

Other common property contamination cases include:

  • Well water contamination
  • Lead contamination of soil
  • Contamination resulting from plant accidents and explosions
  • Air pollution such as the formulation of toxic clouds and the emission of hazardous chemicals
  • Groundwater contamination
  • Soil pollution including dangerous levels of arsenic
  • Tapwater contamination
  • Bacteria pollution in Texas Beaches
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Common injuries resulting from Property Contamination

In addition to the potential for property damage or the inability to sell the property that has been contaminated, pollutants can cause serious injuries.

A report by the Texas Tribune found that “275 companies across the state reported emitting 63 million pounds of hazardous and climate-warming pollutants from their facilities in 2017.” These pollutants have been linked to numerous short- and long-term health conditions, including increased rates of asthma and cancer.

Farmers and ranchers have long argued that contaminants in the groundwater and soil have caused their livestock to fall ill or ruined their crops.

If you, your property, or your livestock suffered as a result of contamination by a neighboring plant or refinery, you deserve compensation. You might be entitled to recovery for the cost of cleaning up the pollutants, the loss of value to your home, any medical expenses, and any damage done to your land.

Hiring an Experienced Sugar Land Property Contamination Attorney

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