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The Horrific Accident Claimed the Life of a Grandmother and 2 of Her Grandchildren

The Karam Law Office is honored to represent the family members that lost loved ones due to a horrific crash that occurred in Cameron County, Texas. Jacob Karam will fight to make sure justice is delivered to this family for the loss of their beloved family members. 

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Faulty Tire Pressure Monitor and Defective Wheels

A Texas family is having to live through the unimaginable after a beloved grandmother, and two of her grandchildren were killed in a devastating crash. According to reports, a GMC Yukon suffered a left rear tire blowout, sending the vehicle into oncoming traffic, colliding head-on with their vehicle. 

The family has filed a wrongful death and product liability lawsuit against the automaker and an auto parts store that sold the tires, asserting that an unsafe tire pressure monitoring system and defective tires on the Yukon were to blame for the deadly accident. 

TPMS – Life-Saving Equipment

Federal law requires that all vehicles be equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). A vehicle’s TPMS monitors the tire pressure in all four tires and notifies the driver when a tire is underinflated by 25% or more. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), underinflated tires make a vehicle more difficult to handle due to a loss of traction, can increase a vehicle’s stopping distance, and play a role in crashes due to flat tires and blowouts.

As noted in the lawsuit against General Motors (GM) and El Guero Auto Parts Y Auto Sale (who sold the tires), the driver of the GMC Yukon was not warned about a significant loss in tire pressure before the blowout. It is believed that the loss of tire pressure was caused by the defective design of the GM-manufactured tires sold by El Guero Auto Parts. 

GM reportedly knew that the design of their wheels made them prone to corrosion, causing them to lose pressure. The Detroit automaker issued technical service bulletins regarding the potential for corrosion causing an unsafe loss of pressure but never recalled the defective parts.

Product Liability Lawsuits Against GM

Several of the lawsuits currently pending or settled against the automaker revolve around equipment that was faulty or defective. Plaintiffs also argue that GM knew about the dangerous equipment but failed to adequately warn consumers or issue crucial recalls.

In addition to the current lawsuit involving an unsafe tire pressure monitoring system, litigation against GM includes:

  • Faulty engines 
  • Faulty ignition switches (linked to over 270 injuries and 124 deaths)
  • Oil consumption (oil burn) problems
  • Substandard wheels;
  • Defective batteries that are fire-prone; and
  • Faulty steering sensors.

Many of the lawsuits involve concerns over critical safety equipment designed to prevent catastrophic crashes. Several of these components are mandatory, required by federal law, including the TPMS, which is designed to warn drivers that the air pressure in a tire is dangerously low and at risk of a blowout.

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